Teaching & Supervision

Lecturing and Course Design

User Interaction. School of Computer Science, University of Glasgow, 2021-2022. Graduate Program.

Exploratory User Interfaces. School of Computer Science, Aalto University, 2020-2021. Masters and Degree Level.

Guest Lectured

Interaction Design. School of Arts, Aalto University, 2018. Degree Level.

CO1111 : Computing Skills. School of Computing, University of Central Lancashire (UCLan), 2016. Degree Level.

Teacher Training Courses Completed

Postgraduate Certificate in Academic Practice (PGCAP), University of Glasgow. On-going

Course Design. Aalto University, 2019. 5 credits. 

Providing and Utilising Feedback Course. Aalto University, 2018. 5 credits.

A!Peda Intro!. Aalto University, 2018. 5 credits. 

Teacher Toolkit. University of Central Lancashire (UCLan), 2014. One week course. PGCE. 


Vilma Kankaanpää: Interaction design for the unknown. (Masters Thesis). Aalto University, 2021.

Roosa Piitulainen. Designing auditory enrichment for white-faced saki monkeys. (Masters Thesis). Aalto University, 2020.

Shreyasi Kar. Designing an interactive olfactory robot for and with dogs. (Masters Thesis). Aalto University, 2019.

Elisa Naskali (Bachelor Thesis). Aalto University, 2020.

Esa Vikberg (Bachelor Thesis). Aalto University, 2018.

Danielius Sukys (Intern). University of Glasgow, 2021.

Vilma Kankaanpää (Intern). Aalto University, 2020.

Roosa Piitulainen (Intern). Aalto University, 2019.