Hi! I’m a Lecturer in Animal-Computer Interaction (ACI) at The University of Glasgow. My research explores ACI, which is how animals can interact with computer systems and designing and building methods to capture this interaction. I am interested in exploring what it means for animals to interact with technologies and how we can create, design, and support meaningful exchanges between humans, animals, and our environment.

Previously, I got my Masters and a Ph.D. degree in Computer Science from the University of Central Lancashire (UCLan) (UK) in HCI, focusing on methods and designing for dog-computer systems. After this, I was a Researcher in HCI at Aalto University (FI), looking at how people can use technologies to connect face-to-face and monkey and dog-computer systems.

I publish mostly in HCI (Human-Computer Interaction) and animal science in top conferences/journals such as CHI, IJHCS, CSCW, Animals, etc. My research is also regularly featured in international news.

Feel free to send me a message for a chat, check out my blog where I talk to researchers, blog about conferences I’ve been too and projects I take in my spare time. You can also read my publications or look at my previous projects for more information on what I’ve worked on so far.

I always have several exciting Ph.D. thesis topics, check out my open positions for more details.

Interested in working together or in animal technologies? Have a look at my resume and get in touch. I am always open to collaborations.

Contact Information

Email: ilyena.hirskyj-douglas [at] glasgow.ac.uk



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