Hi! I’m a Lecturer/Assistant Professor in Animal-Computer Interaction at The University of Glasgow in Scotland (UK). My research explores how animals interact with computer systems and how to design and build methods to capture this interaction. I am interested in exploring what it means for animals to interact with technologies and how we can create, design, and support meaningful exchanges between humans, animals, and technology. Examples of my work include DogPhone systems for dogs to communicate over the internet and a Monkey Tunnel system for monkeys to play videos and audio whenever they choose. 

Previously, I got my Masters and a PhD degree in Computer Science from the University of Central Lancashire (UCLan) (UK) and undertook a three-year postdoc at Aalto University (FI).

I publish primarily in Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) and animal science in top conferences/journals such as CHI, IJHCS, CSCW, DIS, ISS, Animals, etc. My research is regularly featured in international news, radio and TV broadcasts such as The BBCThe GuardianNew ScientistWired Magazine, The New York Times, and Huffington Post among others. I have also worked and published with industry, such as SnapChat and Microsoft Research

Feel free to send me a message for a chat, check out my blog where I talk to researchers, blog about conferences I’ve been to and projects I take on in my spare time. You can also read my publications, check out what the media is reporting about my work, or look at my projects for more information on what I’ve worked on so far.

I always have several exciting PhD thesis topics open. Check out my open positions for more details.

Are you interested in working together on animal technologies? Please get in touch – I am always open to collaborations. If you are a zoo, animal organisation, educator, or start-up, many of the systems I make for animals are open access, including software and how-to build guides. Get in touch if you want advice on using my systems or expert advice on developing animal technology. I specialise in developing computers which animals can control that run autonomously.

Contact Information

Email: ilyena.hirskyj-douglas [at] glasgow.ac.uk



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