News & Media

My research is covered by international news venues (4k+ articles) viewed by millions of people, as well as having over 200k> views on my talks and interviews on YouTube and other social media platforms.

1.3k+ articles on my parrot video project, including New York Times, Smithsonian, The Guardian, Forbes, The Washington Post, BBC News etc.

The Engineer, My Science, Phys , MCRS, VetPol for Monkeys using Buttons, March, 2023.

Dazed Magazine on AI for Interspecies Communication, September, 2022.

Mercury Magazine on researching the Animal Internet, July, 2022.

Dog Internet featured in a Netflix Documentry ‘The Future of’ interview about my work and dog-tech. July, 2022.

WallStreet Journal article on Dogs featuring my dog tech. July, 2022.

Monkey audio and visual player was reported widely across various BBC and Radios nationwide, and on BBC News and STV on TV and in print, and in various international newspapers, Verve Times, USA News Post, Metro, The Guardian, The Times News, Daily Express, Yahoo News, Sky News,. etc. June, 2022.

Thoughts on the dog internet and dog technology was reported in Podcasts on Natural Speaking and Future Based. Also a news article on DogPhone for USA dog magazine The Wildest and the top newspaper in South Korea ChoSun. April, 2022.

DogPhone and dog internet was broadcast on German TV Duetsche Welle (DW) show EuroMaxx (2k+ views on YT) and Italian news RaiPlay Presairetta. Feb/ March, 2022.

1k+ articles on my video call system for dogs coined DogPhone reported in print in The Guardian, The New York Times, The Telegraph, The Times, CNN, Sky News, BBC News, ABC News, New York Post, The Mirror, among others. On TV on BBC News, STV, CNN, Press Diretta Raiplay, Jimmy Kimmel (2> million views) and Have I got News for You (1> million views). Also radio, BBC Radio, Times Radio, Talk Radio, Radio New Zealand, ABC Radio, etc. November/December 2021.

Video systems for white faced sakis covered on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert broadcast on USA TV. (1> million views). March 2021.

Video systems for white faced sakis reported in international media including Interesting Engineering, IFL Science, Eurek Alert, CNET, etc. February 2021.

Interviewed and quoted in Wired Magazine on Dogs and Video calls. February 2021.

Interviewed and quoted in New Scientist on Dogs and AI. January 2021.

My research on audio systems for white faced sakis reported in international media including The Guardian, Sky News, Science Alert, CBBC, etc. November 2021.

Recruited by Wagg design a dog TV remote for dogglebox which was reported in the Daily Mail, Mirror, Daily Star, Huffington Post, Yahoo News, Digital Spy, Broadcaster Magazine, etc. July 2016.

Interviewed on BBC Radio Lancashire about my research in ACI. July 2016. Spoke on BBC1 Radio about my research and women in technology representing W-ACM (Women in ACM).

Please contact the press team or myself if you wish to feature my work, want photos and videos of my systems or my comments on animal-tech.